Maintain Fresh & Clear Skin All Summer Long

Summer is upon us and now is the time when many people want to reveal more of their body. However, if your skin is not beach ready, summer can be a bit frustrating as the warm climate makes it harder to hide skin imperfections and blemishes.

When you want to feel confident and look your best in a swimsuit or summer dress, having healthy, clear skin can make all the difference. Here are some helpful hints for gaining and maintaining clear, healthy skin all year long.

Seek the Help of a Professional

There are times when a pleasing skin presence will require more than roaming the aisles of your local pharmacy looking for over-the-counter products. Often, skin beauty relies on the training and experience of a board-certified physician dedicated to making you look and feel your best. With advancements in skin health and plastic surgery, many patients seek professional care to attain the best skin treatment and aesthetic outcome.

This type of care is more than your local beauty spa can provide. It requires cosmetic professionals who have sacrificed several years of their life to provide medical care to help you look your best. Board-certified plastic surgeons fit this mold.

Keep Your Skin Clean By Washing Regularly

A busy schedule can interfere with keeping the skin on your face and body sufficiently clean, but following a daily routine is a simple way to help keep your skin’s complexion in check. Washing thoroughly and regularly can make a big difference in keeping your skin healthy and clear.

Use Medical-Grade Skincare Products

Over-the-counter skin products may be suitable for superficial conditions and results but achieving the outcome you seek often requires medical-grade skincare products. Although more expensive than what you will find at your local grocer or pharmacy, these top-tier medications will deliver top-shelf results and leave you with a skin complexion which is healthy and aesthetically pleasing.

Do your research and follow your doctor’s advice. They will often prescribe powerful creams and lotions to administer at home to further your treatment.

No Rough Stuff

The sun and wind can be rough enough on your skin, so strong soaps, and excessive exfoliation may remove some of your skin’s healthy oils. Combine this rough stuff with regular shaving and your skin may experience inflammation. The use of mild soaps and washes, shampoos and shaving products can help your skin remain hydrated, healthy and radiant for the duration of the summer and beyond.

Use Sun Screen

A beautiful tan may look good today, but done unwisely can produce skin problems tomorrow. Overstating the importance of sunscreen is not possible. You should apply a proper sunblock every day whether you plan to be out in the sun or not. Harmful ultraviolet rays are intense whether your walking between shops or driving in your car.

Sunscreen is especially critical for patients who are receiving treatment for skin blemishes or sensitivity. It’s during these treatments when the skin is most vulnerable and susceptible to burning and irritation.

Don’t Over Do It

Speaking of treating blemishes, many people don’t realize they can damage their skin by treating unwelcome blemishes excessively. Overuse of products to treat complexion issues can be a problem, leading to a flaky, sore and dry skin. Follow your doctor’s instructions and manage your skin health with care and patience.

Keeping Skin Healthy and Clear

It’s great to maintain a clear and fresh complexion, but optimal skin health can be challenging. Whether you’re trying to improve your skin’s appearance or maintain a radiant and healthy complexion, we hope you find our hints helpful.

If you wish to receive a fair assessment of your skin health and start a regimen which will ensure lovely skin for every season, visit us for a consultation. Dr. Ben Lee and his staff are ready to work toward your natural beauty and skin health.

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