Is It Time to Book Fall Procedures?

For most of us, the fall season means a return to “business as usual.” The kids go back to school, we return home from our vacations, and our routines once again go back to normal. Finally, we’re able to plan our days again! Naturally, for many people, the fall season offers an ideal window to have cosmetic procedures performed (particularly those that require extended healing time). Having plastic surgery performed in the fall offers the following benefits:

Most people prefer to recover indoors in the fall.

Let’s face it—no one likes being stuck inside recovering from surgery during the warm, sunny months of summer! By having surgery performed in the fall, you’ll ensure you don’t end up feeling like you’re “missing out” on fun outings with friends and family members. Likewise, if you have bandages or scars you want to hide while out and about, you can easily cover them with layers of clothing during the colder months.

Having plastic surgery is a great excuse to book a “staycation” for yourself.

With the amount of work and extracurricular activities we have to attend to in the fall, life can start to feel a bit hectic and overwhelming. Having to book some “time out” to just rest and recuperate with your favorite books and copious amounts of Netflix can therefore feel like more of a blessing than a curse!

Depending on which procedure you have, your new look should be ready to show off by the holidays.

Most invasive procedures take at least a few weeks to heal, so if you want to look your best for the holidays, you should ideally book your surgery no later than November.

When is the best time to book fall cosmetic procedures?

If you’re having a more complex and invasive procedure performed (e.g., breast augmentation, a facelift, rhinoplasty, etc.), you should book your surgery at least a couple of months ahead of time. Booking early will give you and your surgeon time to discuss all of the relevant details of your surgery and prepare accordingly. There are a lot of steps to take before heading in for surgery, after all: You’ll probably have to visit your primary care physician to have your overall health assessed, wean off any medications that may interfere with the surgery, and possibly make arrangements for after-care. In short, if you want to have plastic surgery this fall, the time to book is now! Remember, Dr. Ben Lee is one of the most in-demand surgeons in the area, so contact him now for a consultation.