Start the School Year with Your Best Skin Ever!

It’s time for starting your preparations for another school year. Along with the rush for finding classes and fresh school supplies, is ensuring you are doing all you can do to give your skin the fresh start it deserves. Although with all that’s going on in your organizing for the upcoming semester, we thought you should have these helpful hints to improve your skin health and appearance.

Have a Routine

As you begin to organize your day with school, classes, studying and socializing, it’s crucial you have the discipline of a solid skin routine to avoid dry patches and breakouts. New stresses and changes in your environment can impact your complexion. More reason to have a reliable and consistent skin care routine. You should add to your supply list essential items for healthy and clear skin like sunscreen, toner, moisturizer, and cleanser.

Un-Make Your Bed

Moms are more right than not – and not changing your sheets each week will contribute to breakouts! Bacteria, saliva, oil, and skin debris accumulate on pillowcases and sheets which can aggravate your skin each night. Contact with unclean sheets may be a cause for a finicky complexion. You should change your sheets weekly to ensure a clean resting place for your skin to rejuvenate and breathe nightly.


All-nighters are a constant when a student is away at school, so it’s important to remove any makeup before finally retiring to bed. This resting time away from pollution and sun rays allows for your skin to replenish and rejuvenate. Make sure you keep your makeup brushes clean as well as bacteria, oils, and skin debris can build up and cling to these instruments causing a potential breakout.


The best beverage to have in college is water. Proper hydration allows the skin to release toxins through the natural sweating process, which will release any debris from inside the pores. Hydration will also help keep your skin supple and smooth and allow your skin to be radiant, avoiding dry patches and breakouts.

See a Skin Care Professional

A skin care professional will educate you on the dos and don’ts of skin health and help you make this year your best school year ever.

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