Skin Tightening: 101 – 5 Things to Do Before a Getting a Facelift

skintighteningHaving youthful skin is what everybody dreams of.

If you’re taking action to make that dream a reality by getting a facelift, congratulations! You’re on your way to having younger looking skin.

As you consult with Dr. Ben Lee about this procedure, part of the discussions will be about the standard protocols of preparing for it. In addition to those, here are five things you can do to prepare for a facelift to get optimum results.

  1. Buy an incline pillow.

Sleep positions matter if you want to heal fully following a facelift procedure. The ideal position is to sleep on your back. Your head should be supported and elevated above your heart with the chin slightly extended. Sleeping in a 30- to 45-degree elevated angle can minimize the initial swelling and bruising that usually occurs within 24-48 hours.

  1. Color your hair before surgery.

If coloring your hair is part of your makeover, you might as well do it before surgery. Otherwise, you’ll need to wait for four to six weeks after the procedure. Coloring your hair involves bending your head down slightly, and this may cause even more bruising and swelling. Also, chemicals found in hair dyes may interfere with the healing of the incisions. The ideal period for dying your hair is seven to 10 days before your scheduled facelift.

  1. Take care of your skin.
    The body heals faster when it’s strong and healthy. So it’s really important to indulge in lots of fruits and vegetables before facelift, so it’ll work optimally in healing afterwards.
  1. Load your pantry with soft foods.

You’ll want to minimize stress on your face after the procedure so get your daily dose of nutrition from healthy food sources that are easy to munch on and doesn’t require heavy chewing, such as yogurt, oatmeal and more.

  1. Arrange for someone to assist you in the first two days post-procedure.

You’ll need plenty of rest after having the procedure so it’s best to have someone to assist you with housework, like cooking and doing laundry. You’ll also need someone to clean the stitches for you, especially in hard-to-reach areas.

Getting a facelift can do wonders to your look. Of course, its success does not solely rely on the expert hands of Dr. Ben Lee but also in your pre-facelift preparation. As you consult with him, be sure to discuss this thoroughly.