Sagging Eyelids Making You Look Tired?

BlepharolapsyNo matter how much sleep, rest or relaxation we get, there are just some of us that are cursed with “tired” eyes. It could be a combination of either a droopy upper eyelid or a saggy lower lid that makes us look like we stayed up all night, even if we didn’t! Unfortunately, our eyes are what define our “look,” and can really change how other people see us.

Not all eye creams and serums are as effective as they claim, and if this is something you’ve dealt with for a while then you’ve probably used product after product. Maybe it’s time to look at a more lasting, comprehensive solution: Blepharolapsy. Blepharolapsy is a cosmetic surgery that lifts the eyes to give a younger, fresher look. It’s just one procedure, and no more “tired-all-the-time” look.

What Can Blepharolapsy Do for Me?

Blephorapsy is just a fancier name for an eyelid lift. A surgeon will remove excess fat and skin at an incision on upper eyelid, and pull muscles underneath to make it tighter. A procedure for the lower lids would be exactly the same. Doing all four lids would take about 2 hours, and you can even get an eyelid lift while you’re getting another facial procedure.

What’s the Recovery Like?

For the first week of recovery, it’s advised that you don’t do anything that can dry up your eyes. That includes reading, using your computer, or watching TV. You can resume normal activities around the tenth day of post-surgery recovery.

Where Do I Sign Up?

There’s more than genetics at fault for fatigued eyes—aging can also cause droopy, saggy lids. When we age we lose elasticity in the skin, and it’s more likely to droop because of gravity. Rejuvenating your eyes can alter the entire aesthetic balance of your face. After an eyelid lift, you will look brighter, more awake, and younger.

It’s important that you get your eyelift with a surgeon that will personally work with you to get the best results possible. Dr. Ben Lee is an esteemed surgeon with an outstanding philosophy on patient care and decades of experience with eyelid lifts.

If you’re ready to look as good as you feel, then contact Dr. Ben Lee for a consultation on the Blepharolapsy and other procedures.