Rhinoplasty Recovery: 5 Activities to Keep You Busy During Your Downtime

It feels wonderful to see and hear patients tell us how their rhinoplasty improved their facial appearance, or how they were able to breathe better after the procedure. What is less exciting to hear from them, though, is that their downtime wasn’t as stellar as they hoped it would be.

While we sympathize with them, the rhinoplasty recovery period is just as essential as the pre-surgery preparations.

If you’ve already scheduled a rhinoplasty procedure with Dr. Ben Lee, may we add some suggestions to keep you entertained during your downtime? It’s best to have a list of activities ready before your surgery to make your recovery a smooth one.

  1. Movie Marathon

Make a list of films that you’ve always wanted to watch, and have them at the ready. If you don’t have a DVD player, subscribe to a video streaming service, like Netflix, so you can have an endless stream of movies to keep you entertained.

This activity is actually a great way to keep your mind occupied in the first few days after surgery, when the pain and soreness are at their peak. Additionally, you’ll need to keep your head prop up to decrease swelling. If you can’t sleep in that position easily, then a movie marathon can keep your mind off of things.

  1. Read Books

In most cases, Dr. Lee removes bandages and splints one week after surgery. Despite that, you may experience some swelling and puffiness, which can prevent you from going out. As it’s not healthy to stay in bed for a long period, books can take you out of the room and to your favorite reading spot, and read.

  1. Catch Up with People You Care

Work commitments and surgery preparations can take a toll on the time you spend with your family and friends. Use your downtime to catch up with them. It’s not only a great way to strengthen relationships, but it can also help you heal better. The support system you receive from them helps endure the discomfort you may feel.

  1. Organize Your Life

Use your downtime for self-reflection. It’s a good time to organize your life and make plans for the future. It could be the time to evaluate your life and realize what you need to improve. Since a rhinoplasty is a form of makeover, then what better way to complement it than a makeover in your life, too?

  1. Just Chill

Your downtime is an opportunity to relax. Also, surgery is stressful to the body, so you need more than just sleep to recuperate. Make sure that you also eat healthily to help your body heal. Nutritious food can help you de-stress as well

You can include other activities in this list, so you might want to add them. When you fill your downtime with relaxing activities, time will pass by quickly. Before you know it, your three weeks is up, and you’re ready to show the world your new nose.

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