Resolution: Achieved! Now that You’ve Lost the Weight, Do You Need a Body Lift?


The efforts you exerted by keeping to your diet plan and fitness regimen have finally paid off. You’ve reached your target weight. Now, the reflection you see in the mirror may ask;

Do I need a body lift?

In case you’re not familiar with the procedure, a body lift is a cosmetic surgery that can trim away excess skin after massive weight loss. This procedure can sculpt your body to further complement your newly slimmed frame.

Many individuals who have successfully shed hundreds of pounds think of a body lift as a way to culminate their weight loss plans.

However, not everyone makes a good candidate for a body lift. In addition, others may qualify for certain body lift procedures, but not all of the available cosmetic surgeries.

Therefore, a great way to determine if a body lift should be next on your to-do list is to see a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Ben Lee. As a body lift is an extensive procedure that carries some risk, it’s best to consult a doctor to make sure you receive the right recommendation for your unique aesthetic needs.

What A Body Lift Can Do for You

As explained, a body lift can trim excess skin that sag due to excessive weight loss. It can target your buttocks, abdomen, waist, hips, and arms. Of course, the target areas can vary, as it will depend on your needs. There may be cases wherein you just need to tighten the skin in your abdomen and hips but not your arms and buttocks.

Therefore, the best way to determine if this procedure is for you is through a consultation. A visit with a plastic surgeon will also determine if you’re a good candidate.

Ideal Candidates for Body Lift

In most cases, men and women who’ve undergone extreme weight loss make good candidates for this extensive surgery. Dr. Lee considers several factors to determine if a patient is a right fit for a body lift:

  • At a stable weight

It takes about six to 12 months to know if your goal weight has stabilized. Thus, it’s best to wait for a while, as this can help ensure that you can adhere to a healthy regimen long term.

  • In good general health

The surgery is extensive and could last four to eight hours, which could put your body under stress. It’s essential that you’re healthy enough to undergo the procedure to make the surgery a success. Plus, healthy individuals heal faster and recover with fewer complications.

If your weight loss has caused sagging skin, then you may need a body lift. Otherwise, you can try other body-contouring procedures. Consult with Dr. Lee to know what procedure is most suitable for you.