Quick Facts About the Thread Lift

Dr. Ben Lee created this helpful infographic that includes quick facts on the thread lift procedure. A thread lift is a non-surgical facelift procedure that is less complicated compared to other surgical facelift procedures. Designed for individuals with slight facial sagging and early signs of aging, it is a great non-invasive option to lift and tighten the skin.

The thread lift uses thin, absorbable threads that are placed under the skin to lift the jawline, cheeks and brows. Since the threads are injected using a fine needle, there is no major scarring. The threads also encourage the production of new collagen in the skin.

Here are some quick facts on the thread lift:

  • Take a lunch – the thread lift is a true “lunchtime facelift”
  • Made of PDO – the dissolvable threads are made of polydioxanone
  • Surgery lasts 30-60 minutes
  • Recovery lasts 1-3 days
  • Results last up to 2 years

For more information on the thread lift procedure or to schedule a consultation, please contact Dr. Lee at Denver Aesthetic Surgery.

Thread Lift Infographic