New Non-Invasive Laser Treatment Leaves Skin Tauter, More Firm and Younger Looking

Medical technology is edging closer to resembling a magic wand in a fairy tale that never loses its interest among legions of readers. Think Sleeping Beauty. Think Cinderella. Think forever young and creaseless and taut and smooth.

Think back a few years. Before aging was a thought.

One of the natural occurrences as we age is that the collagen, a naturally produced substance in the body, becomes less active reproductively, explains Dr. Ben Lee, double-board certified plastic surgeon with a practice in Englewood, Colo., a suburb of Denver, Colo. The result is that at about age 30, collagen reproduction begins to slow. The face begins to lose volume, it sags, hollows begin to deepen under your cheekbones (and not in the way size 0 models faces look wane), your neck loses its elasticity and lines and wrinkles begin to etch their presence around your eyes and mouth.

Dr. Ben Lee has added the new SkinTyte filter to his Sciton Profile™ BBL™ laser to stimulate the production of collagen, restoring youthful volume to the face and other areas of the body. This innovative new technology is applied selectively, heating the dermal (underlying layer) collagen deep in your skin while simultaneously cooling the epidermis (outer layer of skin) prior-to, during, and after treatment. That means increased comfort as well as reduced chance of injury to non-targeted areas of the skin. This deep thermal energy results in collagen remodeling and contraction, restoring elasticity to the skin.

Results are evident after the first treatment which takes about 45 minutes per area, and is performed without anesthesia (sometimes a topical anesthetic ointment is applied prior to treatment). Areas that can be treated with SkinTyte include, most commonly, the face, neck, upper chest and hands. Immediately after this non-surgical treatment, you can apply makeup immediately and resume your normal routines including exercise.

SkinTyte is a series of treatments scheduled a month apart and improvements to your skin’s youthful elasticity evidences itself after just one treatment and up to six months from treatment. The number of treatments recommended by Dr. Lee and his staff of medically-trained technicians is dependent upon your specific skin type, so the number of office visits can vary.

To see an online demonstration of SkinTyte, go to

Diminish sagging jowls, tighten flabby neck folds, eradicate fine lines around the eye area. And keep your rigorous schedule while improving your looks by the day.

For information on SkinTyte by Sciton visit Dr. Lee’s website at or call his office at (303) 770-1379