Press Releases

Ben Lee, MD First Plastic Surgeon in Colorado To Offer Venus Legacy™

Englewood, CONovember 25, 2013—Denver area, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Ben Lee, MD is pleased to announce being the first location in the State of Colorado to offer the new Venus Legacy™ featuring LiftFX™ & SculptFX™, the latest FDA cleared technology for Non-Surgical Fat Reduction, Cellulite Reduction and Skin Tightening for the Face, Neck and Body. The Venus Legacy’s... Read More »

Breast Augmentation Rates Climb as Patients Opt for The Perfect Breast

Englewood, CONovember 15, 2007—Only half a year ago, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approved silicone implants for women other than those having reconstructive surgery following mastectomy. Another rare group of proactive women were eligible for silicone implants prior to the FDA blessing on the alternative to saline implants. Those were women who proactively underwent mastectomy surgery without being... Read More »

Tummy Tucks are Listed in Top Five Surgeries Patients Choose in 2006

Englewood, COOctober 2, 2007—The top five cosmetic surgeries for women in 2006, according to the Federal Drug Administration were: Breast augmentation = 383,885 Liposuction = 350,420 Eyelid surgery = 182,397 Tummy tuck = 164,800 Breast reduction = 145,822 Dr. Ben Lee, a double board certified surgeon with offices in Englewood, Colo., a suburb of Denver, performs tummy tucks,... Read More »

Experience Lasting Beauty With The New Permanent Wrinkle Solution

Englewood, COJuly 27, 2007—With most fillers lasting only six months to a year, the idea of one lasting a lifetime is revolutionary. Artefill, the very latest to be approved by the FDA, does just that. This permanent injectable filler is a new option for individuals who have experienced other temporary, or short-term fillers in the past and would... Read More »

Revolutionary Hand Rejuvenation Treatment Reverses Aging

Englewood, COJuly 19, 2007—A woman’s hands have always told her age. That is, until now. Kathleen Rowland, an RN injector practicing at the office of Dr. Ben Lee, a plastic surgeon in Englewood, Colo., is using Restylane®, Juvéderm® and Sculptra® injections to make hands look youthful again. Over time, the fatty tissue on the back of the hands... Read More »