How Should I Prepare for My Mommy Makeover?

mommy-makBecoming a mother is a joy and a blessing.

However, it can wreak havoc on your body. Sagging breasts, stretch marks, belly pooch. Many moms are probably left with some type of motherhood caused physical change that they wish they could correct.

Thankfully, a mommy makeover can help your body get back into shape before pregnancy and childbirth. In fact, you can even customize this cosmetic procedure so you can choose the treatments that best meet your needs.

As you prepare for your mommy makeover, the first thing you should do is to fully understand this procedure by consulting with an experienced and board-certified cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Ben Lee. He will give you in-depth knowledge about the different procedures involved, including their preparations such as medications, diagnostic tests and many others. He can also suggest additional treatments that can enhance your results, such as a liposuction.

Apart from any specific instructions from your doctor, here are a few definite mommy makeover preparations to be aware of:

  • Improve your health.

Good health is critical to your success. This explains why it’s advisable to wait for a while after childbirth so your body can cope up with any surgery-induced stress. Your immune system needs to be strong to reduce the risk of infection and your body needs to be as healthy as possible to keep recovery time at a minimum.

  • Stop smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages.

Aside from being harmful, these substances lead to complications during and after your surgery. Smoking cigarettes constricts the blood vessels, which will reduce the amount of oxygen delivered to the cells. The lack of oxygen in blood cells negatively affects your body’s healing abilities. Additionally, drinking alcohol weakens the immune system and slows down your recovery. Alcohol also increases the risk of bleeding and other complications, such as pneumonia.

  • Arrange for someone to assist you.

The recovery period after a mommy makeover is no joke. This is a serious surgery, one that requires your complete commitment to a recovery period of at least 2 full weeks. Three weeks is typically recommended however. If you were on bedrest while pregnant, this is a similar situation. You are confined to a reclining, reposing position. You will need help getting around the house, meal preparation, child care and wound care as you recover from your mommy makeover. So, before heading to the O.R., make sure that you have arranged for someone to help you around the house, watch the kids, and see to it that you are as stress-free as possible as you recover. Especially for the first 14-21 days after this procedure.

Preparing for your mommy makeover is just as important as choosing the right surgeon.  So be sure to prepare for this aspect of your major transformation.

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