Do I need a Full Facelift or Mini-lift?

fullfaceliftAging is something that we have no control over. Fortunately, we have control over reversing the signs of aging, like sagging skin, wrinkles, and deep eye bags, through a facelift.

Indeed, facelifts can do wonders when it comes to addressing worn out, haggard and tired facial appearances. They can also make you look younger than your real age.

When it comes to looking for the correct type of facelifts, though, it’s helpful if you choose the right one because each individual has a unique concern. And with that uniqueness calls for a specific type of procedure that will address that properly.

While both procedures can remove excess skin in order to prevent bundling up of the skin as well as tighten the jowls and neck, facelift and mini-lift also vary in many ways. Let’s take a look at the difference, shall we?

Full Facelift

The medical term for a full facelift is called rhytidectomy, but it’s also known as traditional face lift.

In performing a full facelift, Dr. Lee will create an incision near the ear. The skin is separated from the deeper tissues underneath. They are tightened through suturing before the skin is draped back and excess skin is removed.

The main objective for this type of procedure is to eliminate loose skin that is folding in the neck and cheeks. This also works for tightening the skin in the entire face.

The duration of the surgery will take two to three hours and will require about a week and a half to resume with your normal social activities with less physical stress.


Also called a weekend facelift because of the shorter recovery time, this procedure is perfect for reducing or removing sagging skin around the neck, jaw line and cheeks. Basically, a mini-lift works on targeting specific areas in the skin except around the eyes and the forehead.

This requires local sedation and the patient is usually awake during the 40- to 90-minute procedure. During the process, Dr. Lee will insert surgical instruments through small cuts. Then, removal of excess fat follows through and the muscles are reshaped.

While this procedure is fairly quicker than a full facelift, its results last five to 10 years due to continual aging, gravity and other elements.

With differences and similarities presented, you can now make your decisions on which one to choose, whether a full facelift or a mini-lift, based on your needs and desire output.

Of course, Dr. Ben Lee is ready to help you on this matter so call and schedule a consultation today.