Is the Threadlift the New Facelift?

With continued advancements in aesthetic medicine, there’s great news for patients who find themselves in the fight against facial aging. Recently, the FDA approved a variation of a once popular procedure to achieve results much like the surgical facelift. The threadlift is now a viable option for those who want to tighten loose skin and rejuvenate facial beauty.

This amazing procedure utilizes threads equipped with tiny cones which pass under the skin to grab and lift underlying tissue.  The threadlift is minimally invasive and provides a resuspended, youthful facial skin position. Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Ben Lee, recommends this treatment for patients who notice the initial signs of facial aging.

Original Versus New Technology

The original threadlift came out in the late ’90s and was performed up until the mid-2000s. What sets recent technology apart from the initial version is the threads were permanent sutures. When these sutures attached under the skin, they remained. Today, the advanced threadlift procedure uses dissolvable threads which lower adverse risk possibilities like infection. The dissolvable sutures eliminate the chance of bacteria developing on foreign material that permanently remains in the body. Because the temporary threads dissolve, bacteria have no place to hide from the body’s immune system.

The new threadlift is known as the lunchtime lift because the procedure is done in an hour and requires little downtime when compared to a traditional facelift. While a sudden resurgence of the threadlift may confound some, Dr. Lee explains this recent technology is perfect for patients who wish to avoid surgery and the extended downtime of a facelift.

Best Candidates

Dr. Lee recommends the threadlift to patients who have sagging skin around the brows, neck, eyes, and jowls. Other considerations are tight schedules, a busy lifestyle, or the cost concerns of a surgical facelift. These patients also include:

  • Patients wanting to look younger without surgery
  • Patients beginning to show signs of aging with the emergence of loose skin
  • Patients who cannot afford a long recovery period
  • Patients looking for cost-effective procedures to turn back the clock of facial aging
  • Patients with the medical condition of brow or cheek ptosis (weakened facial muscles)

What to Expect

An anesthetic is not necessary. Dr. Lee will pass needles attached to the special sutures under the skin at the jawline, neck, and cheek area. Strategic cones will grab and lift tissue, softening wrinkles and tightening loose skin.

Because the patient remains conscious during the treatment, they can see and approve the progress during the procedure. After Dr. Lee knots the threads, they hide under the skin. There is typically mild bruising and swelling for a couple of days following the procedure but will diminish and resolve quickly. Results will last up to two years.

Start the Process

If you are looking for a cost-effective, minimally invasive, and effective treatment to reduce sagging facial skin, Dr. Lee is your best option in the Denver area. For more information contact us today at Denver Aesthetic Surgery.

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