Is Summer the Best Time for Facelift Recovery?

Summer is a good time of year to enjoy the warm weather and get outdoors. It is also a great time to have facelift surgery. There are many reasons to consider plastic surgery like increased self-confidence and restoring your youthful facial appearance.

But why is summer a great time to have the procedure? The answer is simple – Recovery. Facelift recovery will require a substantial amount of time to hide away and heal. With facial swelling and bruising possibly evident after surgery, you want to stay out of the spotlight until you heal.

With so much going on during the fall and winter months, and with spring events having you running around constantly, you want to pick a time when things are slow, and you can take a staycation to heal and recover properly.

Take Advantage of Downtime at Work

For many companies, summer is a slower time for business and the perfect time for employees to use their vacation time. Facelift surgery will require up to two weeks of healing. This recovery includes staying indoors and out of the sun while relaxing and resting as you heal.

With this opportunity to take your recovery time away from work, and possibly having your spouse or a loved one available to help you as well, summer proves to be an optimal time to have the surgery.

School Vacation

If you have high school or college-aged children, they are most likely going to be around this summer. By having the procedure from the beginning to the middle of summer, you will have someone available to help you through the recovery process, even if it’s just picking up groceries or taking your dog on a walk.

Preparing Yourself for the Fall Festivities

When fall is here, work will become hectic, and family errands and events will have you up and about. Before you know it, we will be in the holiday season with Thanksgiving dinner with family, Christmas events, and New Year’s celebrations requiring you to look your best. With so much going on between now and then, Summer is the perfect time to have your facelift and achieve stunning results.

Imagine the look on your friends and family as they try to guess why you look so good. With the natural-looking results you will enjoy, you will have a blast as you turn heads at special annual events.

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