Is Liposuction Permanent?

Even if you search everywhere, you’ll find that there’s no magic pill that can melt all the pockets of fat in your body. There is a safe and effective option that can remove excess fat, though, and that’s liposuction.

As you consider liposuction to complement your weight loss goals, you may wonder if the result is permanent. Many of Dr. Ben Lee’s patients who come in for a liposuction consultation have a similar thought:

Is liposuction permanent?

While we always give an honest answer, it comes with conditions. Liposuction does offer a permanent solution to fat reduction. However, it needs help from the patients themselves to keep the results permanent.

If it doesn’t make sense, here’s a summary of what a liposuction can do to help you understand why it’s essential to maintain your weight.

Liposuction Procedure

This minimally invasive method involves the removal of fatty deposits with the use of a cannula and a machine that will suction the fat away from the body. This leads to a decrease in fat volume.

Residual fat cells remain in the body and do not increase in number. This explains why liposuction promises a permanent solution. However, these leftover fat cells can accumulate additional fat and grow in size. Liposuction may have decreased the number of excess fat cells in your body, but the belly bulge, double chin, or flabby arms may still return if you consume more calories than you can burn.

If you want to maintain your svelte figure, then it makes more sense to continue your healthy diet and fitness regimen after you get liposuction.

The Key to a Sculpted Body

Maintenance is the key to stay slim. This is one of the reasons Dr. Lee always asks his overweight patients to reach their bodies’ ideal weight first before they schedule the procedure. It will help set them up for habits of a healthy and active lifestyle.

If you haven’t reached your ideal weight yet, it’s best to start with your weight loss plans now. The sooner you can start, the faster you can reach your body-contouring goals. After your liposuction procedure, use this guide to help you maintain your results:

  1. Follow Doctor’s Orders

Dr. Lee will provide tips, suggestions, and recommendations that can help curb fat growth. As he knows your medical history, he can create a customized weight plan to guide you.

  1. Be a Conscious Eater

Always be mindful of what you eat and drink. Remember that residual cells can increase in size, and can cause your body to lose its sculpted figure again.

  1. Challenge Yourself

Make exercise and sports a part of your life, so you can curb fat growth even as you grow old.

Liposuction can give you a sculpted body permanently, but only if you do your part. For more information, consult with Dr. Lee. Request a consultation today.