Is Fall the Best Season for Major Plastic Surgery?

Planning properly for a major plastic surgery procedure is essential to ensuring your best results and reducing risks of complications. Many of our patients begin thinking about aesthetic improvement during the summer when swimsuit season is in full swing, and beautiful bodies are more exposed. The warm weather attire has them focusing more on what they see in the mirror, and they start to think about how they can improve their body contour or facial appearance. When this happens, plastic surgery results become more of a priority. One major factor to consider is what time of year you want the performed.

No Time Like the Fall

There are many reasons why major plastic surgery is optimal during the cooler seasons. Procedures like breast surgery, tummy tuck, and body lifts will require time to be swimsuit ready. Recovery will take time, and the fall and winter are the best seasons to lay low and heal. Also, effects like swelling, bruising and discomfort will need to subside before you feel ready to get out into the world again and resume your normal activities.

Facial Improvement

If you are considering  a facelift, brow lift, eyelid surgery or a nose job, Fall is a great time to finally undergo these surgeries because it creates the perfect timing to prepare you for your holiday events. This is especially applicable if you are traveling to your family for Thanksgiving, attending Christmas dinners, or going to a New Year’s celebration. Having these surgeries in the fall will allow for enough time to heal for these winter events.

Swimsuit Ready

While it’s too late to get ready for pool parties or for traveling to the beach this season, you can have your bikini-ready body by Spring if you start planning for treatment this Fall. This timing will allow plenty of time to heal for procedures like mommy makeovers, tummy tuck and body lifts which can take multiple months to recover from. Also, you will be more comfortable during the cooler months, and it’s easy to stay out of the sun to help avoid scarring complications.

Excess sweating and heat may intensify many of the side-effects possible from surgery. Heat and sun exposure may increase the risk of swelling. Also, your clothing choices will be more layered to ensure optimal comfort and hide any swelling typical during surgery recovery.

Start 2019 Right

It’s normal to want every year to be the best year ever. The way we look has much to do with the way we feel and the confidence we approach every aspect of our life. By looking great in January, you can have a good start to a great year for you and your loved ones. You can start the new year with a new you, physically and emotionally.

Next Step

It’s exciting to start planning a way to look and feel your best. To plan your path to aesthetic improvement, contact board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Ben Lee today.

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