Would You Give Someone Plastic Surgery as a Gift?

Last minute shopping is a much-honored tradition in America. We usually blame finding a present late on procrastination, but there are times when the perfect gift just alludes us. We want to find the present which makes a lasting impact on the recipient. A gift which is personal and may even positively change their life.

There is a trend of gifting loved ones with plastic surgery during the holidays. It’s been going on for some time now, but lately, it is becoming more prevalent. Spouses are providing the opportunity for their husband or wife to receive aesthetic procedures to enhance their appearance and increase their self-esteem. People give procedures like the facelift, eyelid surgery, and breast augmentation because they know what the recipient desires.

And it’s not limited to just surgical procedures; non-surgical procedures are also being given as gifts. BOTOX®, Dermal Fillers, Chemical Peels, and Acne Treatments can be the best present you can give to a loved one who wants these cosmetic treatments.

Popular During the Holidays

There are several reasons why the holidays pose a great opportunity to give such a gift. Timing seems to be the number one reason. Winter is the best time for recovering from a procedure, and many patients are already on holiday from work. Cosmetic medical clinics see many people take advantage of their time off to recuperate. With the non-surgical treatments, there is a huge demand from patients that want to enhance their appearance for holiday parties and family get-togethers.

Who Does This Sort of Thing?

Typically, the giver or the recipient has a relationship with an aesthetic clinic or office. They have experience in the true benefits of cosmetic treatment and want to share these benefits with the one that they love. Inquiries are common during treatment sessions about how an aesthetic procedure can help a spouse or significant other.

The giver can purchase gift cards, or establish a line of credit with the medical facility to get the ball rolling. Or, just a consultation appointment scheduled to see what procedures are the best fit for the recipient of the gift. These gifts are typically from a family member or close friend because they are very personal and intimate.

Know Before You Give

One must be careful when giving an aesthetic treatment gift to a loved one or friend for obvious reasons. The recipient should have indicated a desire for the improvement. When a spouse or loved one is informed about the desire to improve some facet of their appearance, they may consider the door is open. Next step would be to schedule a consultation to make sure the procedure desired is safe and necessary for the one who wants it.

Many aesthetic clinics may see a specific amount given or the chosen gift attached to a budget. Each gift is different and depends on the giver’s proclivities concerning the treatments and the cost involved.

Parents and Children

Nobody knows the pain of children born with cosmetic concerns more than a parent. Whether it’s a facial imperfection like a nose issue or the child suffers from acute acne and needs treatment which drug stores can’t provide. Here, a gift for an aesthetic procedure makes sense.

Providing confidence and a positive outlook for a child is a part of good parenting. The gift is more than a present; it is an act of love for which the child will be grateful for the rest of their life.

The best thing about this gift between a parent and child is they both know the need for something to be done. There is no guesswork here, and the results are greatly desired. Additionally,  the parent can be involved with the whole process, from consultation to procedure and recovery if necessary.

No Better Way to Say, “I Love You”

Gifts are an indication of how you feel towards the person who gets them. When you give plastic surgery or an aesthetic treatment, it’s a gift that will say, “I Love You,” every time they look in the mirror.

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