Change with the Seasons with Best Cosmetic Procedures for the Fall

It’s the season of change. As summer ends and fall begins, we will experience a change in temperature, fashion, and activity. Longer nights and cooler days are on the horizon. So are warmer clothing and evenings by the fire. And so is a great opportunity to make some improvements to your beauty and body contour…. Read More »

Spring into Spring with a Mommy Makeover

This spring, don’t hide beneath layers of clothes. Instead, shed those frumpy clothes along with your inhibitions with a mommy makeover. Pregnancy and childbirth can take a toll on a woman’s body. In most cases, the changes remain permanent, like stretch marks and the belly bulge. Thankfully, there’s nothing a mommy makeover can’t target when… Read More »

Your Guide to Pre-Holiday Season Liposuction

The cold season is the best time to get cosmetic procedures, including liposuction. One good reason is the chilly weather is an excellent excuse to bundle up with layers of clothes to conceal any scars, bruises, and swellings. Unfortunately, getting liposuction in time for Thanksgiving may be a bit late, as the recovery period requires… Read More »