Breast Surgery Sizes: What’s the Best Size for You?

ben-lee-sizesThe whole idea of breast augmentation might seem as simple as “bigger is better,” but it’s a whole lot more complicated than that. Think of how much thought you tend to put in picking clothes or shoes—it’s even more important in breast augmentation, where picking the right size of breast implants is one of the most essential parts of getting the perfect look.

Measure It Out

It’s pretty much common knowledge that the same size implants will look different when on a woman with a smaller frame than on a woman with a larger frame. Of course, it’s not as easy as small=small and large=large. The trick is finding the right combination of measurements that will fit perfectly with your body type. Essentially, there are three dimensions that are used to measure implants.

Profile: This is how far your implants stick out from your chest, the higher the profile, the more it sticks out.

Diameter: This is how wide your implants are.

Volume: This is how much of the filling is inside your implants, it’s measured in cc’s.

These measurements all relate to each other; for a given volume, you can have a small diameter and a high profile or a large diameter and a low profile.

Are You a Small-Framed Woman Who Wants Dramatic Cleavage?

If you want a dramatic new look, it won’t do to have smaller implants. But there’s also the little logistical problem of getting your new breasts to fit. For this situation, you can get a narrow diameter that fits perfectly with your narrow chest while getting implants with a higher profile.

Are You a Large-Framed Woman Who Wants Natural Looking Breasts?

Not only do lower and medium profile implants look the most natural, they are also great for filling out the wider chests of larger framed women.

The Rice Test

Did you know that you can do a DIY test to approximate the volume of your implants, MacGyver-style? All you need is a sports bra and short pantyhose (or ones that have been cut short) filled with rice. What you do is fill each bag with rice, and insert it under the bra. Keep filling the bags with rice until you get to a size you want. Then you measure out the volume of rice in each bag and convert it to cc’s.

1 cup = 236cc

1/2 cup = 118cc

3/4 cup = 177cc

1/4 cup = 59cc

1/3 cup = 78cc

2/3 cup = 156cc

1/8 cup = 30cc

Now that you’ve got a better idea on what size implants to get, you can go to your consultation armed with the right information. Contact the offices of Ben Lee now, for a consultation on breast augmentation.