Breast Reduction: Is Bigger Always Better?

Too often we see women who have breasts disproportionate to their body type. You know, the thin model frame displaying a large bust from push up bras or tight-fitting outfits. “The bigger, the better” concept is not always conducive to a healthy and comfortable lifestyle when relating to women’s breasts. While breast augmentation is still the most popular aesthetic surgery among women, breast reductions are gaining popularity in the life of today’s modern woman.

Big Problems

Women who have breasts too large for their frame are familiar with the difficulties with their cup size. Larger breasts can make a woman look heavier than the scale indicates. Breasts that are too large add weight to the front that can cause discomfort to the neck and back.  Exercise becomes problematic causing less control over weight and body outline. Unwanted attention to the chest areas may also cause some self-esteem issues.

Breast reduction surgery is designed to reduce breast size to one which is proportionate and comfortable. Many models and celebrities whose livelihood is dependent on their appearance are opting for breast size reduction to gain more confidence in their figure. The procedure allows the patient to retain enough existing tissue to manage a comfortable and active lifestyle.

Breasts Too Large Complaints

Back and Neck Pain

Patients with large breasts carry too much weight with not enough support from surrounding muscles. This weight causes difficulty maintaining proper posture and may cause spinal issues. Also, many women with breasts too large tend to roll their shoulders forward attempting to hide their breast size, making back and neck pain worse.

Less Active

Because breast size can create unwanted movement and attention to the chest area, many women forego physical activity because of embarrassment. This inactivity may lead to health and weight issues. Breast reduction patients find participation in exercise routines more comfortable after surgery and recovery, allowing them to attain and maintain optimal weight and body contour.

Sagging Breasts

Woman feel perky breasts are attractive breasts while breasts too large tend to sag. They realize after breast reduction surgery; they can take up to twenty years off their appearance.

Limited Clothing Options

Shopping for trendy clothes off the rack is often difficult with disproportioned breasts. After a breast reduction, the patient has more clothing options making shopping easy and fun.

Chafing and Rashes

Women with large breasts understand the discomfort felt from their breasts rubbing against each other under the fold. This friction causes unwanted rashes which are uncomfortable and discouraging. Reducing breast size will eliminate this complication.

Breast Reduction Procedure

Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Ben Lee performs breast reduction under general anesthesia. He first removes excess skin and superfluous breast bulk before repositioning the nipple to an elevated position. The remaining breast tissue is reshaped and elevated with the areola size reduced if necessary. Incisions are closed with sutures positioned deep in the breast tissue for support. Scarring will eventually fade and become less conspicuous.

After Surgery

Initial healing will last from seven to ten days. Recovery will be complete after several weeks. We control discomfort with pain blockers and a compression garment for support and healing.

Breast reduction benefits are less known than those of breast augmentation because many feel large breasts are a blessing. But breast augmentation is often considered an aesthetic procedure not covered by insurance, where breast reduction has medical advantages and many health care plans cover the procedure.

If You’re Interested

For more information about breast reduction and too see if you’re a good candidate, contact our office in Denver, CO at (303) 770-1379 or request a complimentary consultation. Dr. Ben Lee is a board-certified Plastic Surgeon with extensive experience in breast reduction surgery. His patients and peers consider him a highly skilled surgeon known for his artistry and aesthetic results.