Breast Implant Incisions: Can I Choose the Type of Incision?

As you prepare for breast augmentation you’ll need to make several important decisions. Saline or silicone? Small implants or large? Over the muscle placement or under? You’ll also need to choose the type of incision we’ll use for placing your implants. This guide will give you more information about each incision type so you can choose the best option for your situation. Dr. Lee will help you make this decision as you prepare for surgery.

Primary Incision Locations for Breast Augmentation

There are several different options for breast augmentation incision locations. Each option has unique benefits. We’ll help you choose the incision type that works best for you.
• Around the Nipple (Peri-areolar)
• Lower Breast Tissue (Inframammary)
• Armpit (Trans-axillary)

Peri-Areolar Incision- Around the Nipple

The peri-areolar incision is made around the areola, or dark tissue around the nipple. The resulting scar is easily hidden in the transition in pigmentation, making this scar very difficult to spot. This incision is ideal for women that need a slight lift with their augmentation as it allows for a mild to moderate breast lift with the same incision.
The peri-areolar incision is limiting in size and typically works best with saline implants. Some smaller silicone implants may be able to be used, but it will depend on the both the implant type/size and your anatomy. We don’t recommend this incision type for women that hope to breastfeed in the future as it can increase the chances of breastfeeding difficulty and may changes in nipple sensation.

Inframammary Incision- Lower Breast Tissue

The inframammary incision is made along the fold under the breast. It leaves no visible breast scars and is typically fully hidden in the breast fold, especially in women with medium to large breasts. The scar is thin and typically about 1-2 inches long, located under the breast. This incision provides excellent access and allows for easy and precise placement of larger implants.
There are a lot of benefits to this incision type, but one big downside too. With the inframammary incision it can be difficult to change your breast size in the future. If you later decide you want smaller or larger breasts, your incision can shift and become more visible.

Trans-Axillary Incision- Through the Armpit

The trans-axillary incision places the breast implant through an incision in the armpit. This option leaves no breast scarring, but a small scar in the armpit. Placing implants is more complicated using this technique, but choosing a highly skilled surgeon like Dr. Lee can minimize any potential for complications. This incision has a lower risk of capsular contracture and rarely causes a loss of nipple sensation. We can use this incision type for all types, shapes, and sizes of implants.
The biggest downside to this incision type is the difficulty in placing the implant. Make sure you choose a highly skilled plastic surgeon with experience using this technique if you’re hoping for a trans-axillary incision.
Which breast augmentation incision option will you choose? Schedule your consultation with Dr. Lee for personalized advice about the best option for you.