Breast Augmentation Recovery: Ways to Spend Your Downtime Productively

As they say, “No pain, no gain.” Before you can enjoy your new breasts, you need to go through the final stage of your breast augmentation journey, which is the recovery stage.

Typically, it takes 24 to 48 hours to recover from surgery and a few more days of less strenuous activities. This means there’s nothing much you can do except laze around the house until you’re fit enough to return to work or your daily routines.

The thought of not being able to do anything probably bores you already, but the downtime is essential. After all, you wouldn’t want to strain your chest muscles or the incision wounds, would you? Of course, not. Besides, your downtime isn’t really all that bad. If you think of it as a mini vacation, you can find tons of activities that will help you kill the time.

If you want something productive, here are some ideas you can try:

  • Read a Book

Pick up a book that you’ve been meaning to read for quite some time. Better yet, choose a book title that can help you learn, like self-help books. New-thought authors have a way with words that can enlighten and uplift you. What better way to compliment a change in your image with an improvement in your perspectives in life, right?

  • Reconnect with Friends

While Facebook and other social media platforms allow us to get in touch with someone any time of the day, nothing beats a thoughtful letter sent to someone close to you. A simple email can let your friends and family members know that they matter to you and make their day special.

  • Start a Blog

Spend a day in pain and nothing else to do, and you’ll start to feel all bottled up. A blog is a great way to free your mind of thoughts that run inside your head as you go through your breast augmentation process. This will not only help calm your mind, but you can also offer a unique perspective to readers who plan to get breast implants.

  • Create a Meal Plan

If your diet consists of unhealthy fats and carbs, your recovery is a great time to overhaul your diet. Collect healthy recipes that you can make once you’re ready to cook, and add them to your meal plan. When you plan your next meal, there’s a good chance that you stick to a healthy diet.

  • Meditate

Meditation can help improve your breathing and calm your mind. Additionally, it’s a peaceful way to evaluate your life and discover ways to make your life more meaningful.

It usually takes six weeks before you can resume normal physical activities. It’s short, but the length can feel like forever with restricted activities. Dr. Lee understands this, so he’ll provide instructions to help you recover quickly, safely, and productively. For more information about breast augmentation, consult Dr. Lee today.