Breast Aug Series: What Do You Need to Know about Breast Surgery in Your 30s?

If you’re in your 30s, congratulations! You’ve successfully made it out of your 20s, which may have been fun, but were also most likely filled with trouble and confusion. Now, you’re in a new age bracket, feeling fabulous, and are considering breast surgery. Why not? You’re worth it!

The benefits to breast augmentation range, depending on your wants and needs. For example, a successful surgery can:

  • Boost your self-esteem and confidence
  • Increase size and/or correct asymmetry
  • Restore breasts after weight loss and/or pregnancy

Allow you to feel and look younger again

Why 30s?

While there is no cardinal rule that states you have to wait until you’ve reached 30 to pursue breast implants, chances are, the surgery is more affordable now that you’re a little older. Further, it’s completely safe and effective for women in their 30s to follow through with the procedure.

If you’re in your 30s, and thinking about scheduling a consultation, the following information may prove to be useful:

Women who have given birth to a child may experience some breast sagging. And while implants may be appropriate, a breast lift may be more beneficial. It’s imperative to speak with your doctor to better assess what you ultimately want to get out of the surgery.

Women who do pursue breast augmentation often ask about mammograms. If you’re in your 30s, it’s not required for you to get a mammogram before the surgery. Also, as you get older, you can still get mammograms, despite your implants.

Women shouldn’t have to wait to get a breast augmentation, whether or not they’re done having children. Not only can you still breastfeed with implants, but after the child is born, you can have your breasts rejuvenated to correct any sagging or shape change that has taken place.

Women in their 30s generally lead healthy lifestyles, meaning they are able to heal more quickly after the surgery. During the initial consultation, it’s important to be honest with your doctor when revealing your medical history.

Are you ready for a little change? Not only do you have the right to look and feel your best, but you’re now in your 30s – it’s time to treat yourself!

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