Everything You Need to Know About the Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazillian-butt-liftAre you considering getting the Brazilian Butt Lift? If so, then there’s quite a few things that you should know about one of the most popular procedures in America.

It’s Actually Two Procedures

The Brazilian Butt Lift consists of two steps: liposuction and then a fat graft, also known as a fat transfer. First, fat is extracted from areas like the back, stomach, or thighs. The fat is then centrifuged to extract donor cells, and the best donor cells are picked and injected into the buttocks through these thin tubes called cannulas. Don’t worry—the procedure should only take about two hours.

What Makes It So Special?

Because it’s your own fat, there’s very little risk of your body rejecting the fat or getting an allergic reaction. It also looks more natural to the contours of your own body; because surgeons can insert fat more precisely, they have greater control on how they can sculpt your butt.

BBLs are great because they provide volume, lift, and symmetry. After a Brazilian Butt Lift, you should have a smoother, perkier, and rounder butt.

Who’s an Ideal Candidate for BBL?

If you’re close to your ideal body weight but have that little extra fat that can be removed, then you’re a perfect candidate for a BBL. A good candidate should also be in good health, and have good skin elasticity.

How Long Will It Last?

Depending on how pure and viable the fat graft is, over time your body will eliminate or re-absorb the reinjected fat. On average, about 60% of the BBL stays there forever, but it will be there forever!

What’s Recovery Like?


  • Wear a compress for the areas of your body that was used as a donor site to prevent loose skin from forming.
  • Sleep on your side while you recover.
  • Have massages to help decrease any potential bruising and swelling—some surgeons recommend it.


  • Don’t sit down for at least the first two weeks
  • Don’t undergo any strenuous activity for the first month.

Finding the right plastic surgeon for your procedure can make truly make a difference when it comes to getting a long-lasting, beautifully-shaped butt lift. An expert surgeon like Dr. Ben Lee has the proper training and experience to give you the results you want. Contact Dr. Ben Lee from the Denver Center for Plastic Surgery now for a consultation on the Brazilian Butt Lift.