Your Best Dysport Results Ever! : Why Injectors Matter

More than 3.5 million women and men have Dysport injections annually in the United States. Most of these patients enjoy results which enhance their facial beauty and help them fight the effects of aging.

Dysport injections are effective in paralyzing muscle movements to reduce the presence of facial wrinkles, reduce excessive sweating or treat neck spasms. Dysport was the first cosmetic injectable to use botulinum toxin.

Finding a skilled and qualified injector for Dysport injections is critical for comfort and to minimize the risk of potential side effects. Here are some steps you can take to ensure your best Dysport results ever by choosing a qualified injector.

Choose a Board-Certified Surgeon

The best way to minimize potential risks and get the results you desire is by choosing a qualified and skilled plastic surgeon. Any doctor with a medical license can perform Dysport injections legally. However, it’s probably best to go with a surgeon who is board-certified in plastic surgery or dermatology to achieve the anti-aging results of reduced wrinkles and fine lines.

Plastic Surgeons are experts at treating a wide range of cosmetic concerns and facial skin issues, so your search should begin with these professionals.

Make a List of Qualified Doctors in Your Area

It’s a good idea to start your search with a list of six to eight qualified doctors in your area. They should be reputable and established, with a thriving practice which includes Dysport injections in their service menu.

Call each office and ask questions concerning their background, training, and experience with Dysport injections.

Facial injections require a doctor who has specialized training in facial anatomy and a well-developed aesthetic eye. Most family doctors don’t meet this standard.

If you have friends or family members who have positive experiences with Dysport injections, you should consider their doctor closely.

Review Testimonials and Reviews Online

Good sources of information about surgeons are comments, testimonials, and reviews online. Try and find reviews about Dysport instead of other procedures. Keep in mind that most patients tend to take the time to write something online only if they are disappointed or angry, which can bias the reviews. Happy and satisfied patients don’t write reviews online frequently.

Schedule Consultations

Request a tour of their facilities and meet with the surgeon who performs the injection. Look for an empathetic demeanor and professionalism. Doctors who are rushed or seem distracted are likely not your best choice.

During your consultation, be sure to:

  • Ask for samples of their work, like before & after photos of their Dysport patients.
  • Ask who is the injector. If a physician’s assistant or registered nurse is the injector, this may be fine, but they should be work under the doctor’s supervision.

Make Comparisons

Dysport is the most common form of aesthetic treatment globally so; there are many injectors in the market and competition is fierce. However, because of the popularity, injectors may reduce prices to get the business but use reduced concentrations to reduce their cost.

Many professionals give discounts for referrals, so coming in with a friend or a family member may cut your cost without reducing the effectiveness of the treatment.

Don’t always choose the cheapest but balance your decision with cost and your comfort with the surgeon, the facility, and the staff.

Make an Appointment

Once you have chosen the injector, schedule a time which is convenient for your calendar. Good practices are busy, but Dysport injections are quick, so scheduling an accommodating time should not be a problem.

For more information about Dysport injections, call Dr. Ben Lee at 303-770-1379 or schedule a consultation today.