5 Best Spots to Get Yourself In Shape Around Denver

Getting in shape while having fun is becoming increasingly more popular thanks to unique fitness studios. If you’re looking to get in shape, there are so many different options that are challenging and fun. Whether you prefer cycling, group fitness, or yoga, Denver has something for everybody. Dr. Ben Lee has put together a list of the 5 best spots to get yourself in shape around Denver, so you can have fun while getting in shape!

Epic Ryde

Get your heart pumping and achieve your strength training goals with intense cycling classes at Epic Ryde.


Combine body, mind, and spirit in small group fitness classes at Fierce45 to release your inner fierceness.

The River

Give power vinyasa yoga a try in a heated room at The River to build a deeper relationship with yourself.

Inward Fitness

Commit to results-based and innovative training in private sessions or in group classes at Inward Fitness.

Flex Yoga + Barre

Begin a fitness and wellness journey at Flex Yoga + Barre that encourages falling, growing, and embracing imperfection.

5 Best Spots to Get Fit Around Denver