5 Fun Facts About Male Plastic Surgery

Dr. Ben Lee has put together this informative infographic about 5 fun facts for male plastic surgery! Plastic Surgery isn’t just for women, we have seen an increase in men clientele over the years. Men are increasingly choosing cosmetic surgery for a variety of reasons, including enhancing physical appearance and reducing the signs of aging.  Call us… Read More »

Cosmetic Procedures You Should Book for Fall

Fall is coming. That means pumpkin spice lattes, changing leaves, and delicious turkey. Most people don’t know this, but the fall season also brings about a specific set of cosmetic procedures that tend to get more popular around Autumn time. But why? For one thing, it seems that certain procedures require some downtime from the… Read More »

Face Lift Recovery

Unlike what television and movies may have told you, facelift and neck lift recovery can be peaceful and relaxing. Facial lift recoveries are usually portrayed in a terrifying way in pop culture: we usually see a woman with swollen features, completely wrapped in mummy-like bandages. Fortunately for you, facelift recoveries are supposed to be calm,… Read More »